When a widget is just not right ( was RE: [ID Discuss]Re-orderingrows in a table.)

26 Feb 2004 - 8:13pm
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Josh Seiden

Another spin on this great subject line:

When an answer is just not right, re-think the

In other words...

When faced with a choice between two undesirable
solutions, it often pays to go back to the problem
definition. Sometimes by redefining the question, you
can open up a new solution space that includes
something desirable.

Some questions I would ask: why does a user want to
re-order things on this page? Are all re-ordering
options equally valid? Is complete flexibility needed?
Is it even desirable? Maybe template-based layouts work
better. Maybe some constrained choices are better.

Obviously, you know the problem space better than I do,
but if I were in your situation, this is what I would
(try to remember to) do.


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