Web Application Functionality: Rich Text Editors

5 Feb 2006 - 12:44pm
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Does anyone here have experience with rich text editors for web applications?

I am the information architect and interaction designer at a non-profit foundation. I have designed a web application that my organization uses to intake, review and award applications for research grants. This year over 1000 applications were submitted online and we are awarding about $50 million dollars to scientific researchers at institutions across the US and abroad.

In previous years, applications for research grants were uploaded as .pdf files. Reviewing them was time consuming and reporting on key elements within them was difficult. This year we chose to break up the application into sections that our organization, as well as our grant reviewers, could manage and evaluate more easily. The grant application is entered into rich text boxes across several screens and the rich text editor constrains the text formatting to our organization's guidelines (limiting font, font size and character count, as uniformity aids in our grant review process), provides scientific and mathematical symbols, and image upload. It also allows applicants to create a duplicate version in which they blind all proper names. Even though the grant application is broken up into sections, it prints as a single document.

The rich text editor in our web app (a free one which we adapted) worked well this year if applicants composed their grant application directly into it online. However, many applicants compose their grant applications in Word (they may be applying to more than one organization) and when they pasted their text from Word into our rich text boxes we had many issues with the hidden tags and other things that didn't play well with our application. Our developers work in asp.net and we are looking at Cute Editor (http://cutesoft.net/) as a possible solution.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
(Apologies for cross-posting)

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