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6 Feb 2006 - 2:06pm
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>I am in the midst of designing an application with the goal of creating an
>API, and I am curious as to how we might start making system interface
>design part of the total experience design of the products we design.

i hope that i'm not over-simplifying your question, but it leads me to ask
in what ways do you think that designing an API differs from designing other
features of the product? hasn't inter- and intra- system design been going for
quite some time by the code-folks? (not to say they have all been
successful, or pristine, or even
accessible to anything other than the system components.)

to my mind, the answer to the second question is "yes, it has," but that
the realms of "internal" and "external" have been overlapping in new ways now
as products work in an ecology, and so that realm itself is subject
to new attention.

to the first, i am of the mind that there is a set of core design
principles under the particular mantle.

but i'm curious to hear other thoughts.

m. milano

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