[JOB] 1-Yr Contract UI Designer, NYC [Recruiter]

9 Feb 2006 - 12:07pm
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Beau Gould

[JOB] 1-Yr Contract UI Designer, NYC [Recruiter]

To support the development of web applications at NYC Agency, the Agency seeks an experienced UI Designer to do visual design, information design, form layout, and web production including production of images and style sheets. The UI Designer would work with programmers and the Interaction Designer to design and produce the visual presentation of web applications and reports for the Discharge Planning initiative.

MANDATORY SKILLS/EXPERIENCE Note: candidates who do not have the mandatory skills will not be considered:
* Excellent visual design skills and experience developing corporate or consumer web applications.
* Excellent graphic design and information presentation skills
* Excellent Photoshop, or similar, and web production skills.

* Information Design and/or Interaction Design a plus.
* Experience working with Customers.

Please be a tri-state resident (NY, NJ, CT) and a US Citizen or green card holder

This gig is too easy (my grandmother could do it), but anyway, please send (MS-Word, plan text or HTML) resume, hourly rate or range and cover letter highlighting your UI Design experience to beau at superiorss.com

Thank you

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