Mixing methodologies - Contextual Design/UCD withXP/Agile - experiences and/or best practices

10 Feb 2006 - 5:02am
10 years ago
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Meara NI

Rich Rogan wrote:
> Does anyone have experiences mixing design/development methodologies
> UCD/Contextual Design with an Agile/XP process?

Hi Rich,

No direct experience, but the latest Contextual Design Book - Rapid
Contextual Design - includes a chapter on integrating CD with other
methodologies such as RUP or XP. In particular they talk about Rapid CD
providing material for use cases/user stories. There's a case study on
their website < http://www.incent.com/cases/landesk.html > about how
LANDesk incorporated Contextual Design into their Agile process. Might
be worth a look.


Nick Meara Senior Systems Implementer
Information Systems Aston
Aston University, Birmingham


10 Feb 2006 - 9:43am
Todd Roberts

Menlo Innovations (www.menloinstitute.com) does this. They have teams of
"High-Tech Anthropoligists" who do the research & design incorporated into
the agile process.

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