HELP: Need to recruit quickly for user-research

13 Feb 2006 - 11:44am
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Dave Malouf


I'm looking for someone who can point me to a kick-butt recruitment agency
to help me get people for some validation work I'm doing right now (maybe
again in the future). The main issue is numbers and timing. I don't want to
put too many details in this message.

Experience with the business side of the financial community is a big plus.

We will actually be supplying a whole lot of the contacts and can supply you
with a good chunk of background information. Its really just doing the
calls, and organizing times and things.

Need to start by beginning of next week (2/20) at the latest.

Validation sessions will run across 4 cities: NY, London, Frankfurt, and SF.
(Though the recruiter might only be responsible for NYC to start and SF
possibly after that).

Thank you for anyone sending me pointers to people you've worked with in the
past that you liked.

-- dave

David Heller
E: dheller (at) gmail (dot) com
W: www (dot) synapticburn (dot) com

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