Sketching with PowerPoint? Was: How is MSdoingPrototyping?

22 Feb 2006 - 4:12pm
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John Vaughan - ...

LG> I would argue in favour of whiteboard over paper for evolving
> sketches: easier to make changes as you sketch.

Whiteboards are excellent (+) for collaborative dynamic design sessions &
presentational environment, but awkward (-) when trying to capture the
content or transfer it to another platform. Smartboard does both transfer
and communicate (+) --- but at a price (-). Neither whiteboard nor
SmartBoard are particularly mobile (-).



22 Feb 2006 - 11:04pm
Sharad Solanki

"I'm with you, John. I thought the same thing when I read Fredrik's
post, but assumed he had his reasons for wanting to do it directly in
the software. My process almost always involves scanning in hand
sketches. I've even created interactive prototypes in Director with

Have a look at the DENIM project at
This can help in bridging the gap between the hand drawn paper prototypes & system supported output. It supports sketching input, allows design at different refinement levels, and unifies the levels through zooming.

Sharad Solanki

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