How to manage a large control library? (VisualDesign)

15 Mar 2006 - 1:53pm
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Rob Nero

So far, I am the keeper of the master Photoshop prototyping template
that contains all our widgets on different layers in the psd. We are a
small team though. I have used just simple version control to monitor
the progress of the prototyping template: "template v3.4.psd". As time
permits, I make updates to the template that includes visual
representations of coded widgets we have used, and variations of
existing widgets.

We are in the middle of creating a "resource site" for us UI designers,
to better manage the different versions of our widgets we use. Similar
to your email, we have standard widgets and controls, but many times we
have to customize them to a specific project. We have one "calendar
popup" widget, but many variations to account for the specific
requirements for a project. We want to track all of this on our resource
site (internal for us only).

We deliver our screens and documentation in pdf form, because you can
add some simple security to the document. We want people to be able to
print our pdf's, but not be able to change any of the content. We can
add editability security in the pdf. I just do a "save as" in Photoshop
to create the pdf's of my screen designs.

Does this help? Or answer your questions?

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