Two New Interview Excerpts

20 Mar 2006 - 3:16pm
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Dan Saffer

I've posted two new interview excerpts for your reading pleasure:

Hugh Dubberly on Systems Design

"Today, ideas from design methods and systems design may be more
relevant to designers than ever before—as more and more designers
collaborate on designing software and complex information spaces."


Brenda Laurel on Design Research

"Perhaps the single most pernicious sort of folly I have seen over
nearly thirty years in the computer field is the belief on the part
of engineers, designers, and marketing people is that they "just
know" what will work for their audience. For extremely observant,
experienced designer, this may indeed be true, but such people are
exceedingly rare, and those who are most successful have "trained"
their intuition by carefully observing and reaching deep
understanding of certain kinds of people, cultures, and contexts. For
the rest of us, that first "great idea" is usually a shot in the dark."

And just so this isn't an entirely altruistic endeavor, I should
point out you can now pre-order the book on Amazon:



Dan Saffer
Designing for Interaction
New Riders, August 2006

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