Are online portfolios useful? : The "Q" Factor

21 Mar 2006 - 9:28am
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John Vaughan - ...

Tal Herman
> A poorly designed resume, be it in paper, digital text or PDF format is
> generally a bad sign.

Jack Bellis
> Tal, your comments are practical, they address the original [not
> sidetracked] issue...

Tal refocuses the debate on what is probably THE core issue: i.e. Quality
(The "Q" Factor). Significantly, it seems to me that he sees the deciding
factor as being whether your presentation *content* is well-organized,
well-written and defensible, rather than its presentation *platform* (be it
PDF, paper, MS Word doc or online website). Can't argue with that.

That said, an online resume/website/portfolio is a plus. If you embrace the
Q Factor, it can be a Big Plus. As Tal notes, it's a great way to store and
present the types of collateral that a rigorous decisionmaker demands.

BTW: Jack's website has some good examples of how to Do it Right

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