IxDA State of the Union, Q1 2006

23 Mar 2006 - 2:59pm
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Robert Reimann

IxDA State of the Union, Q1 2006
A Letter from the President of IxDA

Dear IxDA Members,

Thank you for your ongoing support on the IxD Discussion list in 2005
and in this quarter. You our members, have made this list one of the
best online resources for discussing issues concerning the evolving
practice of interaction design. Your interest and passion fueled our
decision in October 2005 to take the next logical step of beginning the
transformation from a simple mailing list to a full-fledged non-profit
professional organization. Those of you new to our list may not be aware
that we are a 100% donation-based organization, and that list
membership, which is free, also entitles you to membership in IxDA.
Welcome all!

2006 represents a major challenge for our fledgling organization. Our
Board of Directors made tremendous strides in the last quarter of 2005
building the infrastructure for our organization. Here is a short
summary of our achievements thus far:

* Incorporation as a non-profit professional organization
* Creation of our Bylaws
* Election of our Board of Directors and Officers
* Creation of a bank account and online donation mechanism
* Creation of committees and goals for 2005-2006
* Election of committee chairs and assignment of members
* Initial outreach to local organizers
* Initial communications to the IxDA list community/website
* Initial logo/rebranding studies
* Initial evaluation of tools for our online community efforts
* Initial round of fundraising (Board members)
* First sponsorship of an event (DUX)
* First acceptance of an event track at a conference (IA Summit 06)
* Founding of our first student chapter (IxDA European Students Network)
* Membership exceeds 2000 individuals, from over 20 countries

In the current quarter, we are busily engaged in the following critical
planning activities:

* Selecting our new Board of Advisors
* Finalizing our new logo/brand identity
* Finalizing a communication strategy and communications brief
* Finalizing a Prospectus for engaging corporate and government
* Planning our first major fund drive
* Helping to sponsor IxD publications
* Assisting new local groups getting started across the globe
* Developing procedures, guidelines, and materials for local organizers
* Planning and prototyping our online community system
* Enlisting volunteers and leaders for all these efforts

And this brings me to an important, even critical appeal:

We can't do all this without your help! You our members, have built the
IxD Discussion list into one of the top interaction design resources on
the Web. If you look at the volume and level of discourse here vs. many
other similar lists, you can see the real difference. It was this
dedication to your profession and discipline that led us to create IxDA
for you in the first place; now, to move on to the next stage of support
and services that we want to provide to you, we'll need your help to get

Our vision is to link our local face-to-face communities together via a
sophisticated, integrated virtual community that provides support for
rich dialogue, interaction, and personal expression at both the local
and global group level, as well as all the features you would expect
from a professional organization such as job boards, event calendars,
and the like.

By providing a virtual community that mirrors and supports the
face-to-face community, we hope to provide an unprecedented level of
community interaction that befits a 21st century organization such as
IxDA. To find out more about our plans for the community and how we
arrived at them, see this document on the IxDA Web site:

How can you help? At the moment there are three primary ways:

1. Donate money. Membership in IxDA is free, but we are at this time
also wholly
member supported. If each of our members were to donate the
equivalent of US$2
per month, we would have enough money to acquire tools, acquire
servers, and pay
for operations management to keep things running smoothly, not to
support our local groups. Please visit the IxDA website,
http://www.ixda.org, and donate
what you can to help us deliver to you on our vision.

2. Donate your time and expertise. Many of you have already expressed
your interest in
working on IxDA initiatives. Whether you have volunteered before or
thinking about it for the
first time, please submit your volunteer profile:


This will help us find the right initiatives for you to help us

3. Donate software, hardware, or services. If you work for a company
that makes tools,
servers, or provides hosting services that you think might be
useful, and it is
able and willing to support our non-profit organization, please
contact us. We will be
happy to give your company public recognition for its generosity.

This is an exciting time for IxDA. Please become a part of the
excitement by actively supporting our efforts today and into the future!


Robert Reimann
President, IxDA

Manager, User Experience
Bose Corporation
The Mountain
Framingham, MA 01701

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