what's the obessions with Visio?/Prototypingtools

7 Apr 2006 - 11:51pm
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Thanks Lisa ;)

Working around any office today and you see clearly how engaged people are
with their PC's/email/IM etc (including yours truly) instead of
collaborating with people either via phone or in person. Almost in a trance
like state.

Back to the discussion ...

As part of moving sketches designs into illustrator we are also having
iterative critiques with stakeholders, both during the day and at the end of
the week to show how the application is coming together. The process around
facilitating these sessions, remaining objective (not over selling the
design) and taking notes is another discussion in itself. One decision we
have made is to separate the design role from the usability testing role. In
the design role currently, I feel myself getting too close to the design to
be able to remain objective in the Usability Test facilitation (in the next
few weeks).


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This is walking down the path of what the book "Serious Play" by Michael
Schrage covers quite nicely. He talks about how people's behavior changes
with prototypes of various levels of fidelity. If you haven't read it, I
recommend it. I found it incredibly enlightening. =)


On 4/6/06, Daniel Szuc <dszuc at apogeehk.com> wrote:
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> Suggest that *available time* and *project timings* are also factors.
> In a *rapid application* development environment sometimes using
> paper, pencil, eraser, blue tac and post its etc - to play around with
> different concepts &
> behaviours can be extremely useful before moving it into a *development
> tool*
> of choice (doing this on a project at the moment).
> Using the *development tool* too early can a) Slow down the process
> and b) Be not as collaborative as paper prototyping.
> Have also noticed that sometimes developers/designers can get caught
> up in the tool and its functions (I call it 'fuzting with the tool')
> instead of focusing
> on the design & interactions.
> rgds,
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