Navigating interactive 3D environments / exhibition spaces

12 Apr 2006 - 4:50pm
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Hi folks,

I'd appreciate a bit of feedback on the underlying UI for this online
exhibition technology.

In this example, the art has been created by various celebrities ( Bono,
Rio Ferdinan etc ), so at least it's interesting to have a look at in
general, while you are testing out the UI.

Here's the link...

For now, I won't tell you how to use it, to see if it's reasonably
intuitive. Just so that you know, you can rotate the selected pictures
around, and also zoom in if required.

With Vista supporting 3D UI's, developing a good method of 3D
interaction will become increasingly important.

Interestingly for this project, 3D galleries have existed online even 10
or so years ago ( using VRML ), so the concept is nothing new... back
then, you had to use the arrow keys to walk around ( which our gallery
also supports ), which could lead to issues when looking *around* an art
item of interest on the wall.

With 4 keys, it's practically impossible not to walk like you are
driving a car. You need 2 additional keys to "strafe", leading to a UI
control system of 6 keys in total, along with optional mouse look. In
our case, we have an alternative ( and co-existing ) UI control method,
that uses a single mouse click and drag for all navigation.

All UI related discussions on interacting with 3D spaces will be
absorbed with much anticipation!

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