Job: Knowledge Architect/Information Architect

13 Apr 2006 - 1:26am
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Nancy Falkenburg

Company: Intuit
Term: FTE
Job Title: Knowledge Architect / Information Architect
Contact: nancy_falkenburg at

Primary Responsibilities : Company Overview:
Intuit Inc. (NASDAQ: INTU) is the leading provider of financial software
and Web-based services for consumers, small businesses and accounting
professionals. Its flagship products and services ---including Quicken,
QuickBooks, and TurboTax --- simplify personal finance, small business
management and payroll processing, tax preparation and filing. Founded
in 1983, Intuit has annual revenues of over $2 billion and reaches over
25 million customers with ~7,000 employees in 13 states and four
countries. Intuit's revenues have more than doubled in the last 5 years.

The Knowledge Architect will use a balance of technology, KM processes,
and business skills, while working closely with various QuickBooks and
central organizations including support, web development, engineering,
and product management. The knowledge Architect will deliver outstanding
results from knowledge relative to the needs of the business and will
inform and positively influence key aspects of the customer experience.

Primary Responsibilities:
- Identify content relationships, patterns and key content trends to
indicate areas requiring content improvement, necessary changes to the
taxonomy or metadata updates
- Manage and maintain key metadata and where it fits in the underlying
taxonomy to ensure content is locatable and usable. Promote domain
maturity by ensuring team follows workflows and content found to be most
relevant by the KB reflects the best structured resolution paths
- Participate in implementing and testing of new releases/service
policies using methods which highlight functions which represent needs
for content including; configuration, customization, installation,
prominent "use" cases, and general potential issues. This work is
focused on ensuring the customer dos not experience gaps in their
ability to acquire, implement and use the Intuit solutions effectively
and self-sufficiently.
- Ensure every interaction needed to address customer demand is
structured within the knowledge path
- Reinforce team ownership of results produced through knowledge-based
- Support team within the domain by giving feedback and input meant to
promote learning and performance improvements
- Facilitate review of performance targets, outcomes, and promote
understanding of key processes
- Work closely with KM team to provide Quality Assurance and Engineering
teams meaningful customer feedback to influence priorities in product
enhancement and functionality requests. This input should ultimately
increase customer value with Intuit solutions
- Know, follow and promote processes as outlined in the Knowledge
Management workflows
- Interact act with model Technical Support Engineers, Team Leads, and
Domain Engineers to ensure the content reflects demand and meets the
quality standards of the organization
- Participate and contribute value to forums concerning the knowledge
management processes to ensure consistent understanding across domains
- Utilize standard tools, procedures, and resources including KB, CRM,
Portal, discussion forums, messaging tools, dashboards, content security
schemas, query and reporting tools, and other equipment as necessary
- Assist in the analysis, design, development, testing, and
implementation of the technical KM infrastructure solutions. Provide use
input relative to the workflows needed to enable business results and
meet user needs.
- Enable continuous improvement of results driven by content through
understanding of tools capabilities, process capabilities, resource
capacity, and objectives of the business.
- Use content templates, metadata, content links, and organizing
architecture to promote data integrity as well as content presentation
which fits the user context and access capabilities
- Work collaboratively with content contributors, content source
organizations, and customer/customer representative teams to align
content, processes, and results
- Exhibit a positive attitude to customers and other employees

Productivity and efficiency will be measured using a variety of methods.
These methods will include metrics derived from the case tracking
database, content use measures, customer and team feedback, as well as
peer and management team assessment.
- Case Quality and Time to Resolution
- Domain Maturity
- Team Knowledge Equity when defined for a team
- Team Feedback
- Web Success Metrics

Qualifications : Qualifications:
- Six to ten years experience in complex business and technical
- Significant project experience customizing, integrating and/or
implementing large scale enterprise software applications
- Business Analysis experience
- Previous professional services consulting experience with either a
consulting or software company a plus
- Required business knowledge of customer relationship management.
Experience as part of an implementation team re: a CRM or KM solution
- Working knowledge of Call Center/Customer Service operations
- Excellent interpersonal, organization, time management, and
communication skills
- Familiarity with Content Management and or Knowledge Management
systems, especially in areas involving taxonomy, content structures, KM
analytics, and search engine models
- Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or
- Technical leadership experience in delivering customer-facing
- Experience designing and implementing web based applications.
Experience in both back end and UI design & development
- Experience in CRM integration with Siebel, Clarify etc. using
Webmethods, Indepth knowledge of XML, XSLT
- Demonstrated ability to translate customers' needs into application
features and functions
- Hands-on database design and implementation experience with Oracle,
SQL server, Informix, Sybase, or DB2
- Excellent team work and written and verbal communications skills
- Proven skills in deployment project management
- Desire to work in a fast paced, dynamic team and product oriented
environment is a must

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