Prototyping for Mobile Apps

17 Apr 2006 - 2:19pm
10 years ago
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Scott Weiss

There are several platforms usable for mobile deployment prototypes.

1. SVGt 1.1 and the Ikivo Animator, using XHTML as a wrapper
2. Adobe Macromedia FlashLite, using the Flash authoring system
3. WAP by itself

SVG is the Scalable Vector Graphics format. Ikivo Animator is an animation
authoring package. You can create graphical files, representing user
interfaces, in any graphics editor that outputs SVG. Adobe Illustrator
outputs SVG. Ikivo Animator supports SVG animations of these files with an
intuitive graphical user interface. Combining the animations with XHTML
enables the prototyper to simulate more elaborate user interactions. Getting
the content to the phone depends on the equipment, accessories, and any data
plan set up for the equipment. With the Sony Ericsson W600i, we were able to
transfer files using the included data cable.

Adobe Macromedia FlashLite player, available on many phones, enables Flash
authoring to be deployed on handsets in a similar manner to the SVG
described above.

Lastly, WAP can be used as a prototype delivery mechanism. Coding the WAP
pages and serving them is up to you.

We have been prototyping handheld applications for some time. Flash is the
easiest, but it's far from easy.

Scott Weiss
Principal, Usable Products Company: (+1.212.929.8599)
Author, "Handheld Usability":


24 Apr 2006 - 10:48am
Todd Warfel

If you know any Visual Basic then AppForge is great for the job.

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