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19 Apr 2006 - 4:51pm
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Hi all -

I'm new to this list, but not new to the field. I was interested in the sustainability thread but sadly couldn't keep up. I apologize if this already was discussed and I missed it. But I got this in my inbox from a former co-worker and thought it might be relevant to some of you. Not explicitly IxDA, but usable.



I have recently launched as my MFA final project at theUniversity of Texas at Austin.

As the fields of architecture and industrial design are starting to embrace the idea of building and manufacturing sustainably, the field of graphic design is lagging a bit behind.
There are a few online resources that provide information on \"green design\" but as a community, graphic designers, do not fully embrace the principle. I wondered how could this transition start? What would make graphic designers design more
envrionmentally conscious (besides being forced to)? The answer was education. But not just education, but also how to make the sustainable alternative just as reachable as the status quo
approach. This question led me to the web, where graphic designers can be found all day, everyday (in front of their computer). This toolkit was designed to be easily accessible at
any time during the work day with information that is quickly found.

renourish features
• case studies on sustainable graphic design (more on the way, feel free to submit yours)
• definitions of sustainability and why it is important to graphic design
• preferred printers
• the truth about paper and sustainable options
• the truth about ink and non=toxic options
• sustainable living tips (since designers just don\'t design)
• links to blogs and current sustainable news
• a blog format where guests can register post their reviews and contribute to the community
• downloadable sustainable checklests for design jobs
• downloadable \"safe\" Pantone coated swatchbooks for Illustrator files (Pantones with heavy metals removed)

More content will come as the sustainable community grows!

Feel free to contact me at benzo at for your thoughts on the site, what you could contribute and how you feel it could be improved in the future!

Thanks... spread the word, seed new conversations... renourish the graphic design community...


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