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11 Mar 2004 - 1:30pm
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Dave Malouf

Obviously, I have my opinion, but I can see energy where it exists and who
am I to detract from it.

I would suggest that anyone wishing to follow Clifton lead on this, do
exactly that. Clifton Carrie Ritchie, and myself are the only members of the
tools & resources initiative that is ongoing right now for the IxD group. If
you are truly interested in seeing the tools and resources initiative take
on an open source approach I suggest you lend Clifton, Carrie, and I a hand
to help make it happen. There is nothing in the current suggestions that
don't fit within that plan. This might not be implemented instantaneously,
but we all plan on being here a mighty long time so have faith and energy
and you can see your world vision come true.

Shoot me a private e-mail if you have interest in this to
dave at

Now, this isn't in anyway an attempt to silence the conversation ... just a
way of taking advantage of it.
I can easily see something along the lines of
coming to the fore very easily and quickly.

-- dave

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