At CHI? Why? Or why not?

23 Apr 2006 - 4:10pm
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Tom Erickson

Hi there,

About a year ago there was discussion on this list about the pros and
cons of CHI, with one of the themes being that CHI was too
academically oriented. I've been asked to assess the reaction of
folks to the attempt to redesign this year's CHI conference to deal
with a broader set of issues.

As of this year, the conference is providing additional tracks
oriented towards various communities with things like experience
reports, interactivity sessions, and a variety of courses integrated
into the general conference format. Also, to my eye, there has been
more of an effort to provide content and events (SIGs, panels,
exhibitiions) oriented towards non-researchers. (If you haven't
looked closely at this year's CHI, you can take a peek at it at

So what do you think? Same old same old? A great leap forward? Steps
in the right direction?

Reply to the list, or directly to me. And I'm interested in hearing
from those attending CHI, those who decided not to, or those who
never even considered it. Constructive suggestions appreciated (but
not required ; -).

Tom Erickson
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Email: snowfall at (preferred); snowfall at confidential)

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