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11 Mar 2004 - 4:30pm
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CD Evans

Hi all,

I have been asked by Gunnar Langemark to forward his email below on
finding other European IAs. Please have a read of his message and feel
free to email him if you want.

CD Evans

Begin forwarded message:

>> European IAs
>> If You are a European IA (or perhaps considering a career move to
>> become an
>> IA) please send me a mail.
>> I would really like to hear from You.
>> I will compile a list of e-mails to share - if you're interested.
>> (If not I will not include your e-mail).
>> I may share the information with organisations in IA - unless You ask
>> me not to.
>> If you know other people who could be interested in becoming part of
>> a European network of IAs - please let them know.
>> This is no high profile initiative. I'm simply trying to gather some
>> information in the first place.
>> Gunnar Langemark
>> gunnar at

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