IA Summit Redux in DC

9 May 2006 - 5:34am
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Dan Brown

[You may get this email multiple times. Please forgive the cross-posting.]

For the last several years, DCIA--the Washington area's IA
professionals group--holds an event for those who could not attend the
Summit. This year, the redux will be on Saturday, May 20 in the
morning. Further details are below.

We're using a different format this year, since there are so many
things to discuss from the Summit. We'll rotate between 8 different
themes (listed below). For each theme, two facilitators who attended
the Summit will lead the discussion about that topic, providing some
information about the sessions in Vancouver.

If you attended the Summit and would like to facilitate a discussion,
please let me know! It's really easy.

One last thing: if you're thinking about attending, please drop me a
line. I want to get a headcount so I can get the right amount of
bagels. There's only so many stale bagels a couple 20-lb dogs will

Hope you can make it!
-- Dan

When and Where:
Bethesda-Chevy Chase Services Center (really close to Bethesda Metro)
May 20, 9:30am-noon


Eight 20-minute tag-team sessions discussing different themes from the

Bagels & coffee, probably doughnuts, too

The themes:
Wireframes & Deliverables
New Technologies/Ideas (web 2.0, RIA, etc)
Content Management
Business & IA

Want to participate?
We need people who attended the summit to talk about their
experiences! If any of the themes above interest you, let me know and
we'll get you signed up. Presentations should be informal, short, and

If you think we're missing a crucial theme, let me know!

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line!

email: brownorama at gmail.com
book: www.communicatingdesign.com
blog: www.greenonions.com
phone: +1 (301) 801-4850

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