Net Neutrality in Jeapordy - is this really a bill in congress? What are we doing to keep neutrality?

11 May 2006 - 2:03pm
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Just curious what's everyone's take on a Bill in congress which will cause
Net Neutrality to be limited on a pay to play basis by Internet Providers.

Congress Votes Against Net Neutrality Bill (From NPR, April 27, 2006) -

Here's a humorous site detailing the issues quite well -

I believe this is something that could adversely affect everyone on this
lists' lively hood.

My views on government are not so relevant, having said that I really have
next to "0" faith in government, and would not be surprised to see an(other)
unbelievable blunder passed, especially by this administration.

What is your take on this and what are we doing about this?

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