Mobile ESPN Usability Study Launched

11 May 2006 - 5:21pm
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Scott Weiss

Mobile ESPN is a US-based MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) built on
Sprint's network. It's all about a cool phone with a radically different UI,
built for sports nuts.

We've just launched our single-product usability study of Mobile ESPN at This study is
for sale.

There is a free blog entry with some insights at

Here's an excerpt:

We've just completed a usability study of the mobile sports content
components of the Mobile ESPN service. The study was a small sample,
qualitative usability test meant to explore this new MVNO. We have studied
other MVNOs, Virgin Mobile in the Media Download Usability Benchmark and
Amp'd is part of the ongoing Video + Music Usability Benchmark study. Since
this ESPN study is independent of larger usability benchmarks, we were not
restricted to studying the aspects it shared in common with the other
services, and we were able to focus on ESPN's unique audience. We had tasks
for accessing news and sports statistics as well as setting alerts and
watching video clips. Our respondents were real sports fans. Despite the
focus on the sporting content and the fan audience, the usability findings
were of a wholly different nature and stemmed from the unique set of
interactions introduced in this service.

Please take a look. Feel free to email me (privately) with questions.

Scott Weiss
Principal, Usable Products Company: (+1.212.929.8599)
Author, "Handheld Usability":

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