[Local IxDA] Announcing IxDA Sweden

11 May 2006 - 6:12pm
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Josh Seiden

Congratulations Niklas, Fredrik, Theresa and Klas! Great job.

Keep us posted, please.

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Hi All

I'm very proud to say that we on the 11th of May, 2006 have announced that
we are starting a local IxDA affiliate in Sweden.

Our premiere event will be a free seminar in relation to our F2F with 2-3
speakers who will talk about their view on Swedish interaction design. We
are currently waiting for confirmation from the speakers so when the details
are clear we'll send out an update. There are also plans in motion for
another two events with more of a wire farm/workshop theme to them during
this fall.

We have decided to only go with a local announcement list for now to keep
any IxD related discussions in this list. Hoping to support the trans
cultural and border less networking. But for anyone interested in Swedish
IxDA events and info they should go to http://sweden.ixda.org and subscribe
to the announcement list.

A big thank you to David Heller, and the IxDA executive committee for the
momentum and all the support!

--Niklas Wolkert, Fredrik Ovedio Johansson, Theresa Harmanen and Klas
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