european interaction design

13 May 2006 - 11:46am
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I am very pleased the new Sweden interactive
community, so I know Swedish schools are gaining more
experience in interacrtive design and big companies
such as Volvo are increasingly its budgets researching
in this new filed of design.

Apart of this I know that German design in special BMW
is also experimenting very profound with interactivity
in its new vehicles and a few weeks ago I heard about
a German or some German workshops in Berlin in
interactive design.

Now I am pursuing my M.A. in this new field even I
already have a bachelor in industrial design.

So if somebody knows something about this workshops or
internships in Germany or Sweden or make some
collaboration surveys and research with schools from
these latitudes will be a good benefit for all of us
who are involve in this new and amazing area of design


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