16 May 2006 - 6:15pm
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I've just been to a talk with Bruce Sterling at Space studio and it
was an amazing experience to meet him. His speech commands such
knowledge about the different fields of study that he has worked on
over the years. After going to this meeting it has helped me and also
changed the way that I use language to describe a particular
technology, improving my understanding of how we can use this
particular technology. But the amazing thing is that from this meeting
I decided not to call this technology RFID instead ARPHIDS(I think you
should do the same), so what was the first thing that I did as soon as
I got home? I googled arphids and the amount of sites that popped up
on google was amazing and the most amazing thing happened. I've been
searching for RFID on google and every time all the ads that I was
getting were corporate businesses, which used arphids as a commercial
tool mainly for inventory or they were trying to sell it to customers.
But when I googled ARPHIDS, It showed up different creative project
that were still trying to explore and develop the capabilities of this
technology. It was as if there were two world being created on the
internet, one for artists/developers and another for those who will
like to be just passive participants.
Language online is changing so rapidly that you have to be in the
right gang to know the correct term to use when googling for words
unless you can completely miss the boat and misunderstand the correct
meaning of a word that you are trying to search for. I have been
following some of the conversations on taxonomy and folksonomy and I
think that this is a good example were these two methods of
categorisation are colliding together to create two different worlds,
has anyone experienced something similar?


17 May 2006 - 2:43pm
Andrew Otwell

You'd be interested in the conversation that Bruce and Adam Greenfield have been having at Adam's site about this naming business:

Adam's name for it, and the title of his recent book on ubicomp and arphids/RFID, is "Everyware."

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