how to give a start for you innovation !

5 Mar 2010 - 2:02am
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As a creative web designer, you will probably jobless in the near future; because variety of web layouts, iconography and interactivity has already invented and tested within the past 20 years. You may only experiment new graphic styles; but not more then that…  Regardless, your boss, your customers or the users still demand on your innovations to be impressed, but it isn’t so easy as before.  So how can you reflect to the demand on innovation? What can you do to be alive in design market?

There are  some tactical solution: exercises on   an unrelated object and a concept, re-reading the past and disabling  environment.

( please see  detaied examples at eBook also printed version at

According my suggested  method in my book, I wonder how is your strategies  for your innovation. Especially I need young designer collaborations in this research

Thanks in advance.

Dr.Oguzhan Ozcan
Head of the department of Interactive Media  Design
Yildiz Technical University

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