3/16: A Different Kind of Research: Gaining Strategic Insights Through "Listening Labs" by Mark Hurst (coordinated by NYC UPA)

7 Mar 2010 - 2:28pm
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Jonathan Cohen


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Learn more and register: http://nycupa.org/Register


When: Tuesday, 3/16. Schedule starts at 6:00.

Where: JPMorgan Chase, 277 Park Ave (view map: http://bit.ly/bTR03N)

Cost: $15 for non-members, $10 for members, $5 for students


Networking and Refreshments: 6:00-6:30

Announcements: 6:30-6:45

Presentation, Q&A: 6:45-8:00



Mark Hurst will demonstrate the "listening lab" research method pioneered by his company, Creative Good, since the late 1990s. It may be most unusual for UX practitioners in that it does not require writing specific tasks before the research.



This presentation is open to all levels and requires no previous experience with usability testing and qualitative research.



Mark Hurst founded Creative Good, the world's first online customer experience firm, in 1997 - a time when few people had heard the term "customer experience" and even fewer knew why it was so important. Since then Creative Good has worked with hundreds of clients, from Fortune 500 to startups, on becoming more customer-centered and improving business metrics in the process.

In his spare time Mark pursues his wider interest in all forms of "good experience" including writing a newsletter and blog called Good Experience, which reaches tens of thousands of people every week, and running an annual conference called Gel (short for Good Experience Live) to spotlight the heroes and leaders in good experience.


Learn more and register: http://nycupa.org/Register


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