It is less than 2 weeks to go for the India HCI 2010 / Interaction Design for International Development 2010.

10 Mar 2010 - 2:55am
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It is less than 2 weeks to go for the India HCI 2010 / Interaction Design for International Development 2010.

The keynote speakers are Prof. Mary Beth Rosson, Pennsylvania State University, Anurag Gupta, A Little World, Prof. Anil Gupta, IIM Ahmedabad and Prof. Edwin Blake, University of Cape Town. Also lined up are 38 peer reviewed papers, 5 presentations by leading industry experts and 7 student projects. The advance programme is out - check it out at http://www.indiahci .in/programme. html. Visit http://www.indiahci .in/registration .html to register.

If you can't get away from work during the week, we also have an exciting programme lined up on the weekend before the conference http://www.indiahci .in/workshops. html

We have interesting  half- and one-day long tutorials - opportunities to learn from the experts:

Intellectual Property Rights: Protecting and monetizing our ideas and designs - http://www.indiahci .in/tutorials/ t01.html
New modes of interaction - http://www.indiahci .in/tutorials/ t03.htm
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work - http://www.indiahci .in/tutorials/ t04.htm
Right Fidelity Rapid Prototyping Using MS Excel - http://www.indiahci .in/tutorials/ t06.htm
Fundamentals of Web Typography - http://www.indiahci .in/tutorials/ t07.htm
Soft Prototyping - http://www.indiahci .in/tutorials/ t08.htm
Classical think aloud evaluation of Human Computer Interaction - http://www.indiahci .in/tutorials/ t11.htm
Gesture Analysis - http://www.indiahci .in/tutorials/ t13.htm
Best Practices - Eye Tracking and Behavioral Research in Design and Usability: Make Perception Tangible - http://www.indiahci .in/tutorials/ t15.htm
Tips for Effective Usability Testing in India - http://www.indiahci .in/tutorials/ t16.htm

We also have participative workshops where you can engage in half to one-day of engaging discussions with like-minded people:
HCI aspects of information visualisation in industrial Software Systems - http://www.indiahci .in/workshops/ w01.htm
HCI education in India - http://www.indiahci .in/workshops/ w02.htm
A national UX conference and national UX body in India - http://www.indiahci .in/workshops/ w03.htm
Approaching Culture(s): Myths and Realities on the Culture Trail - http://www.indiahci .in/workshops/ w04.htm
Moving Up the Value Chain - http://www.indiahci .in/workshops/ w05.htm
Modelling for accessibility personalization in HCI - http://www.indiahci .in/workshops/ w06.htm
Designing for Social Impact and Social Innovations - http://www.indiahci .in/workshops/ w08.htm


Pooja Rastogi

HCI India- Voulnteer

India HCI 2010 / IDID 2010 (March 20-24, 2010)
www.indiahci. in

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