Migrating customers to a new registration system

18 Mar 2010 - 8:16am
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I am working on a B2C site that is centralizing multiple divisions into a single site. Need to migrate customers from old authentication systems to the new one. Can't auto-migrate credentials (not unique on an enterprise level). (1) Anyone have experience doing this? (2) Any POV on best practices vis a vis UX, customer satisfaction, (3) if a grace period is provided how long should it be (user vistation frequency = monthly.


18 Mar 2010 - 10:47am

1)  Yes.  I got around this by creating a system that creates an encrypted cookie containing any transferable data, then passes the cookie contents in a form submit to the central system, which decrypts, creates a user token in the system with the usable info, then allows the user to manipulate their login information.  It was a completely seamless "you are being redirected to a new central location for blah blah blah", then a "now that you're here, please select your username from the following..." (but you could just give them a new one).  

2) The feedback was generally favorable because forgetful users who will went to the old site could still login (for a time) with their old information and just be redirected to the new site (which still had the encrypted token).  Each time, they were reminded that the old system would go offline and that they should begin using their login credentials for the old site.  When they got to the new site, they were reminded of their login credentials there.  Their logins for the old site went down in 30 days, but by that time, almost everyone (2700 people) were going directly to the new system.  After the 30 days, they were simply redirected to the new site with no ability to login with the old site.

3)  The grace period REALLY helped some of the less computer literate or more change resistant users begin to remember to go to the new site and, I think, gave them a sense that - yes, this is happening and no, it's not going away, but it's ok to forget a few times before you get it right.  For YOUR site, if the visitation is monthly, I'd give them a 30 day grace period and remind them via email after their first login, then again if they try and login to the old site again, and finally just before and just after the final switchover.

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