[PLUG] Designing Across Channels - IA Summit Pre-con Session

24 Mar 2010 - 6:05pm
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Samantha Starmer

Want to expand your  design influence?  Read on!

 Leaving Flatland: Designing Services and Systems Across Channels

This IA Summit pre-con session is for anyone who is interested in moving beyond screens and pixels to designing seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints.  Jess McMullin - formerly of nForm, now starting the Centre for Citizen Experience - and Samantha Starmer of REI will share our experiences in this area, and discuss why multichannel design is an exciting chance for user experience designers to broaden their influence.

More and more web work is requiring coordination with other channels to provide a successful full experience for the visitor or customer.  From call centers to kiosks and in-store retail to mobile, user experience designers have the opportunity to envision and design broader systems and services for maximum customer benefit.  In many organizations, marketing is already leading the charge on thinking about multi-channel and in planning holistic customer experiences – user experience experts need to be part of this movement!

Attendees will walk away with: 

  • An appreciation for the value of designing for multichannel
  • Understanding of how interactions can successfully cross touchpoints and vehicles
  • The key pieces of a holistic experience
  • A set of practical tools to help you both understand and solve improved experiences across channels 
  • Recommendations for getting multichannel design adopted

Feel free to send any questions or comments my way…


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