Teach Design to Innercity Youth this Summer!

26 Mar 2010 - 12:39pm
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Aynne Valencia

Do something good this summer!

The Inneract Project is a professionally supported program that provides free design classes for inner-city youth, in order to channel their creativity into viable career paths. Classes are free and taught at both the Academy of Art University and Ex'pression College for Digital Arts by local design professionals. Current class disciplines include graphic design, architecture.

Inneract is looking for people who can teach this summer in both the Eastbay and San Francisco. Classes can be 1 day, 2 days in a week (Saturday, Sunday), one week, 2 weeks, etc. The only stipulation is that classes happen during the 6 week period. If you're interested in teaching, please email:  volunteer@inneractproject.org.

Teachers are encouraged to propose topics and techniques within their
specialty. Topics can include but are not limited to the examples
Photography (i.e. b&w, composition, fashion, still life)
Product design (i.e. 3D modeling, product case studies)
Industrial design (ie. 3D modeling, materials study)
Graphic Design
Web Design

and might I suggest: Information/Interaction Design

 Please note that classes will be taught at community centers and local organizations which MAY have limited resources.
IP Summer Workshops 2010
Dates: July 10 - August 14


If you are interested in teaching or TAing, please fill out the application at:

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