Architecture: When Traditional meets Informational

26 Mar 2010 - 8:44pm
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Fred Celestino

Dear IxDA members,


Some of you may have learned from my previous threads that I am a visual designer and I would like to propose a collective usability test for a project I just launched this week.

It's ARCHIcubed, a global network that promotes Traditional Architecture and Design in their many forms and disciplines. On one hand, professionals and students will be able to showcase their work and on the other, potential clients seeking for professionals will have the chance to start discussions about projects to be developed.

On top of that, the general public may also contribute posting relevant content, impressions, comments about the theme, achieving the project’s main goal: be an Inspirational Architecture Network.

Here is my proposal:

Because ARCHIcubed was something envisioned and built on my own with very little budget (not to say none), I feel it now needs input from other users. All I've had from external collaborators so far was some friends' feedback, like the ones Leo Sarmento gave me about flow issues or the motto itself "Inspirational Architecture Network", which he created.

Needless to say, a formal paid usability test right now is out of question for financial reasons, so here is where you guys could give me a hand justifying the message title: "When Traditional meets Informational".

I wouldn't outline flow tasks or specific UI elements to be evaluated. If only you could be so kind by going through the whole interface pointing out possible problems as you go along, it would mean a lot to me.




Looking forward to your responses.


Fred C.


29 Mar 2010 - 11:06am
Elizabeth Bacon

Hi Fred,

I don't have any time these days for an in-depth review, but I wanted to say that the site looks very interesting at first glance. I really love the 3-dimensionality of various components because of how it reinforces the architectural focus of the site content. The rating & commenting tools are also easy to see & use — although the comment form is sometimes displayed at the bottom of the page where I can't see it until I scroll down. However, this is a stylistic nit but to me there's a bit of a "ransom note" thing happening with all the different styles & sizes & colors of fonts. The big + little text combos look a bit jumbled and are hard to read, while italics are known to be hard to read on a monitor.


30 Mar 2010 - 12:14pm
Fred Celestino

Dear Liz,

Thank you so much for spearing a few minutes of your time to write these comments. Very helpful.

Possibly I used the wrong words when asked for reviews about my project, but I just want to make myself clear that all I was after with this post was some quick comments, straightforward feedback, constructive criticism from a group of specialists just like the ones you kindly made. By no means I intended to ask IxDA members to review the work in question from a complete analytic perspective, spending precious time or supposedly doing it for free. Not at all.

In a week when IxDA seems to be shaken by a wave of discontentedness about the "Delete Account" issue, I just wonder if all that time spent phrasing long bitter personal attacks to devoted volunteers (not judging who's right or wrong here) was otherwise done so on what the Association really stands for. What a greater good would that caused us instead.

I don't think it's appropriate to bring about this again for I believe it's already been extensively discussed, but I hope I made myself well understood this time.


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