Lo que me gusta compartir II

27 Mar 2010 - 11:16am
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Tomas Roggero

Colección de 12 libros "imperdible" de diseño, accesibilidad y más.

This great collection of resources from GeekChix pulls together some really useful templates that can be used to plan out your website design or application in sketch format. The roundup includes grids, browser interfaces, page templates and iPhone interfaces.

Design Informer host this interesting article that highlights some of the features that give a selection of websites that additional ‘wow factor’. I discovered a bunch of little design easter eggs on some of the sites that I had never seen before.

UX Booth is a great place to learn about all things surrounding the topic of usability. This post titled The Weaker Side of Usability Guidelines highlights a range of uncommon usability recommendations.

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