Interaction 10 Redux - Presented by IxDA Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon University HCII

1 Apr 2010 - 11:52pm
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Jack L. Moffett

Last night, IxDA Pittsburgh gathered in the new Gates-Hillman building on CMU’s campus to watch videos of a few presentations from Interaction 10, the conference held in Savannah, Georgia this past February. The Human-Computer Interaction Institute was kind enough to provide the space, some light appetizers, and beverages. IxDA was nice enough to provide videos of every presentation from the conference on its website.

We started with Liz Danzico’s Frames: Notes on Improvisation and Design. Using examples of improv ranging from jazz to comedy, Liz asked us to think about providing frames in which our users can improvise, bringing their own contributions to the interaction, and encouraged us to move from creating closed artifacts with predetermined applications to designing for emergent behavior.

We followed Liz’s thought-provoking ideas with Mike Kruzeniski’s Poetry & Polemics in Creating Experience. Don’t let the title fool you—this presentation was grounded in real work being done within the entertainment group at Microsoft and has practical applications. Mike related an entertaining and inspiring tale about how his group of designers influenced the developers and product managers they work with to start thinking about features in terms of the soul, heart, and body of the product, rather than simply priority 0, 1, and 2. Mike described it as a beginner design vocabulary.

To cap off the evening, we queued up Paola Antonelli’s keynote, Talk to Me. From her description of the way objects speak to her, to her hatred of the Tamagotchi, to her attempt to acquire the @ symbol for the MOMA’s collection, Paola captivated and amused us with her unique perspective on the field of Interaction Design.

It was a very educational evening, and the students present especially appreciated the opportunity. We had a reasonable turn-out of around 20 people. We’ll be announcing our next event soon!

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