UX/UI Design constraints for Android platform?

17 Apr 2010 - 1:20pm
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Hello all !

We at Desolve are planning to design a new Android home screen experience.

We believe that the future of home screens will no more be 'idle' but dynamic and fluid like the Vodafone 360, Microsoft Kin. Our vision for the interface we would like to design is in the direction of the Microsoft Kin (with our own twist to it) which will make the home screen come alive.

However we are unsure if that kind of experience can be built on top of an Android platform. At the moment the Android platform allows live widgets, but can the experience on the home screen be much more embedded?

It would be great if someone could
+ Let us know what the UI/UX constraints and possibilities of the Android platform
+ Tell us about great Android interfaces (for example Slidescreen)

Thank you!
Gaurabh Mathure

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