Careers in IXD, UX, UI, HCI at Mayo Clinic

29 Apr 2010 - 7:01am
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I live in Rochester MN, and I'm trying to reach out to any IxDA members that work at Mayo Clinic to see if they can help answer some career related questions. 

1) How does one get a foot in the door in this field (especially at Mayo)? I read similar posts in this forum, and I want to see if there is anything specific for Mayo. I am relatively new to this field. I have a strong background in implementing web UIs, frontend, backend, and have worked in the past with IXD people and I am familiar with their design deliverables. However, I probably lack the portfolio and experience necessary to land the roles that I am seeking. I am already taking action steps by pursuing formal education. In fact, I'm in a Masters program in HCI at RIT. I have noticed that the past couple years, Mayo has posted some internship positions. Besides internship and formal education, is there anything else I should explore?     

2) How does IxD and UX play a role at Mayo? How is the organization structured to handle this?

The reason I want to get into the IxD/UX. There is a sense of joy in designing products/interfaces that connect with our human emotions. I want to be on the side that advocates for positive user experiences.

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