[Events] Enterprise Search Summit, NYC, May 11-12

30 Apr 2010 - 2:00pm
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If you are an experience design professional passionate about Search, you must attend the Enterprise Search Summit in NYC May 11-12. I have spoken on designing social search in the enterprise as well as designing search experiences a few times at this conference – and it really is the best conference around this problem space. Our good friend Peter Morville will be one of the keynote speakers talking about Search & Discovery Design Patterns. Again - this is pretty cool. As many of you know, designing elegant, effective, useful and usable search systems is what separates the goats from the kids - it's the Lady Gaga of ux problem spaces. I will be there in full goat regalia deconstructing companies that don't "get it" or clueless pontificators that think, erroneously, that search and findability is a technology problem space and not an ux problem space.The probability of me pulling punches is near nill. Don't be a schmuck hoping for a live tweeting of the event - come in person to smell the sulfur.


New York City, May 11-12th, 2010 Hilton, Registration ($300 off regular price)

ENTERPRISE SEARCH SUMMIT is a highly intense, in-depth, 2-day conference that covers how to design, develop, implement and enhance cutting-edge internal search experiences. If you are an intereaction designer, information manager or IT or search professional, ENTERPRISE SEARCH SUMMIT is where you will learn strategies and build the skill sets you need to make your organization’s content not only searchable but “findable.” The emphasis for ENTERPRISE SEARCH SUMMIT 2010 is on how effective enterprise search delivers real value to organizations. This year’s Summit will examine the ways to leverage search tools, information architecture, experience design, classification, and other strategies and technologies to deliver meaningful results—not just in terms of information, but to the bottom line.

Expert speakers tackle tough topics such as tuning search to deliver optimum results, making the most of search logs and analytics, applying Web Service-based solutions to metadata challenges, facets, topic maps, and much more. Breakout sessions pack more hours of programming into the concentrated conference schedule and give you the chance to select topics of special interest to customize your conference experience.

This year’s Keynotes will be: UC Berkeley’s Marti Hearst, author of Search User Interfaces; Semantic Studios’ Peter Morville, author of Search Patterns as well as Susan Feldman from IDC and Leslie Owens of Forrester Research.

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