Re: [IxDA] Re: [IxDA] AB testing non-public low-fi prototypes

3 May 2010 - 1:52am
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lisa herrod

Paper or electronic?

Is it the recruitment that's the hurdle, or the testing environment?

> My questions are:
> What low cost options do we have for recruitment and what's the fastest way to get eyes on the page?

You've always got the "finger in the air" approach - ask somewhere
online - your blog, a community you're a part of (with low UXer
population), Twitter (this one I have done, successfully).

We would be testing electronic prorotypes.

The main hurdle is recruitment. I don't have an issue with recruiting "friends and family" style when it's appropriate - ie when it's a very broad demographic. But typically I don't support this as it's unlikely you'll get the right fit against the stated user profile.

That's my other issue with recruiting via Twitter or a blog. The audience is skewed towards web savvy people and as an example, I'd say 95% of my Aus followers are in the web industry.

> How do we incentivise?

offer a small incentive - a voucher somewhere or similar, which is something I've done.

I guess my point here was how do we encourage people to review the designs in high numbers & with little contact. What's the incentive for them?
At this point though, I just don't think it's a worthwhile option.


Steve Krug approach - grab someone in the hall (park, street, etc.), put them in a room, test, feedback.

The thing with that is you still only get maybe 40 people as opposed to the hundreds you can get when it's set up properly from the site domain.

Was that what you were looking for?

Yes, in so much as it's confirmation that my initial thoughts are correct. So thanks for that :)


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