Re: [IxDA] Agile release cycles: every three weeks bad?

5 May 2010 - 7:23am
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Can I add (in my short the short time of working with so many project managers trying to utilise agile) that I am seeing a difference between the sprints for release and the product / feature launch in the cycle and planning of things.

The language, when in meetings can get lost and everyone is focused on completion and release and the launch plan is designed near the end of the project. Where thinking up front (like UX and product development to think of the plan and goals up front) the launch plan and releases can be incorporated in the sprint and release planning.

We did 3 week cycles for a while and it seemed to work, however there was no launch plan and it all became too hard at the end. So there was only the one launch. Preferably UX observations and monitoring would've driven valuable information back into the next round of cycles and the release priorities would work in with the sprints.

William Donovan

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