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5 May 2010 - 3:18pm
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Hello everyone,

I do not have the ability to do any usability testing for this, but I wanted to know if there was a best practice for this scenario:

The user lands and on media asset viewer (default view w/another view option) with options to filter the media asset viewer by category and media type. After making a few filter selections, the user then flips the media asset viewer to another view - would most users expect that their filter selections from the previous view to be preserved?

Your opinions are very welcomed.



5 May 2010 - 3:48pm
Mike Matthews

Hi Erik,

I think that would depend on how drastic the change in view is, but I'd say most likely the user would expect the filters they chose to persist.

If you are able, you should go ahead and post screencaps of each view so we have more context.



5 May 2010 - 4:07pm

Here is the basic idea:

5 May 2010 - 4:26pm
Mike Matthews

Thanks. After seeing that image, I can say with more certainty that persistent filters across views would be the user expectation in this case.

Here's a thought: Perhaps you could include a "Clear Filters" text link, possibly near the view links above categories, that would select "All" for both Categories and Media Types. Just an idea to kick around...

In either case, it also never hurts to test if you can.

Later on,

Mike / @mmatthews

5 May 2010 - 5:13pm

thanks for the help.

5 May 2010 - 7:39pm

I would not refresh the page in this case, but rather use jQuery tabs (or equivalent) to provide the containers for View 1 and View 2.  But I agree with Mike that if the interaction stays the way you illustrated, the user would likely expect the filters to persist.

5 May 2010 - 7:42pm

if there is a technical limitation (i.e. page refresh), then would you preserve the filters? 

5 May 2010 - 10:58pm

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6 May 2010 - 6:13am

Having worked on a similar design a few years ago and gotten some user feedback on it, I would definitely agree that the filter state needs to be preserved across views.

In general, you want the transition between the views to be perceived as being as seamless as possible, and hopefully not result in a full page refresh. View switching via tabs rather than just links could help with this.

A Clear Filters action as suggested by Mike would be helpful as well. I would position it away from the view links/tabs though, perhaps below the filters, to make it clear that this action applies across views, as well as to enable your design to scale to more views down the road if needed.


6 May 2010 - 1:15pm

Thanks IxDA!

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