Re: [IxDA] Anyone else having trouble getting used to Office 2007 menus?

10 May 2010 - 10:08am
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Interesting conversation, I got 2007 only recently, and am not a big fan of the new Ribbon either. It seems like it was a "Bright Idea", executed poorly.


I admit I became "used to"  Office 2003, it worked ok. The new Ribbon seems to be severely lacking, for example, (my present pet peeves):


1.   Separating out functionality in top level tabs makes it difficult to find and access functionality, and takes up more space than previous tools bars which displayed more functionality at once.

2.   I only use 15% of the tools in 5 of 8 tabs, why can't these display by default in one tab, (previous 2003 functionality)

3.   Spell check is buried under "Review", even though it's my #1 used functionality

4.   "Styles" default to "Normal - Double line break" always, even though I constantly set it to "No Spacing - Single line break".

5.   "Insert Shapes" requires about 3 x the clicks because the Shapes pallet doesn't persist "Line tools"/"Fill tools", when working on shapes


There are more issues, but what the hey, MS doesn't really have any competitors here, so I've got to use Office ;)


I do think it could be "tweaked" to be good, but my tweaks seem to negate the Ribbon's purpose which is goofy grouping and layout, (what else is there to Ribbon?)


Joseph Rich Rogan
President UX/UI Inc.

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