Re: [IxDA] Best practices for designing Terms and Conditions/Customer Agreement Interactions

12 May 2010 - 4:57pm
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Stephen Collins

I recently did a piece of work with a big financial organisation. Naturally, they're required to present these sorts of things to customers, but fully realise that most (the vast majority, >90 per cent according to our research) don't read them, and those that do rarely finish or fully understand them.

As Mike notes, it's a cost/benefit thing - for both the customer and the organisation.

We ended up providing a legally approved conditions summary that was visible in our process and links to the full conditions subsequently displayed in a light box. There was also a part of the customer experience beyond the online component that ensured they were provided with hardcopy.

I think in cases like this, it's worth considering the small compromises you can make online in favor of parts of the experience that extend into the design of the entire service or product experience.


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