13 May 2010 - 10:14am
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chaitanya mendu


13 May 2010 - 10:56am
Leon Barnard


I like the clean look that you are going for, but I think that you really need to focus more on the details before sending this out.

1. The rotating images on the front page look like stock photography - what do these have to do with your work?

2. Having 2 sets of rotating images on the front page is distracting.

3. Clicking on the images on the front page goes to the image file. It should take me somewhere useful.

4. You use full-size images for many of the thumbnails and medium-size images. These take forever to load and look jagged and even stretched at times. As a potential employer, this would tell me that you don't care enough to polish the details.

5. Once you click on a subcategory of your portfolio work, there should be some kind of breadcrum link to get back to the Portfolio page.

6. Some text describing a little bit about each portfolio work would be nice. Without this, it feels a little lazy. This is a good opportunity to tell me how awesome you are and how you solved a tough problem or made the client happy or whatever.

7. The layout and spacing in the portfolio section is a little weird. It doesn't feel "clean". For example, the left-right placement of the thumbnails and roles seems a little arbitrary. Shouldn't they be aligned with something?

8. Clicking on "Resume" should take me to an HTML version of your resume, with an option to download the PDF. It is extra work to click twice to see your resume.

9. Also, why not put your contact info in the header/footer on every page? Don't make me click again to find it. In general, your site seems like a lot of work to get around. I would suggest going through all the links and images and asking yourself whether each one really needs to be there. If not, take it out. That way, everything that's there is there for a reason and will reall stand out.

Good luck,




13 May 2010 - 11:03am
chaitanya mendu

Great feedback, Leon.

I really appreciate your time and comments.


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