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25 May 2010 - 5:43pm
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I agree with this..

In this day in age, what else do you want from a restaurant site besides

  • Name
  • Locations / Address
  • Hours
  • Phone number (also recommend the tel: tag)
  • Menu (in HTML AND in PDF format)
  • Optionally: Add in an upcoming event list.

Done and done.

Loose the flash intro, loose the photos of people eating, etc.

JOEL FISHER Director, User Experience | AOL Advertising

On 5/25/10 5:48 PM, "Alan Wexelblat" wrote:

> > A blogger who usually just writes about the food ends up sounding like > one of us. The reviews are specific to Boston-area restaurants but I > have a hard time believing that if I looked at the sites for other > cities' restaurants I wouldn't see the same sins repeated. > > "[R]estaurants should keep their websites lean, clean, fast-loading, > and easy to navigate, especially from mobile platforms..." > > Shocking idea, particularly from a non-usability person, eh? > > Best regards, > --Alan > > (((Please leave all content below this line))) > ________________________________________________________________ > Welcome to the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) Discussion! > Manage Account .......... > Discussion Guidelines .......... > > -- > > View original post: > > > >


26 May 2010 - 10:14am

What really attracts users are the photos, especially HQ photos of the restaurant itself and food of course.  The depiction of the photos will give users a sense of what is like being at the restaurant, and what is like to eat the food.  For example, there are reasons why food blogs are really interesting reads, it's because the photos allows the users to have that element of taste and understanding of the restaurants environment before they even step foot into the place.  

Also consider adding online reservation or how to reserve (whether it's via OpenTable or restaurant's own online reservation system).

Optionals are if there are changes in the menu, such as seasonal ingredients or specials of the night, make sure that before users click to see the menu, they have the awareness of the new additions to the menu. 



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