Nielsen Norman Group Usability Week -- feedback on tutorials?

4 Jun 2010 - 2:22pm
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Usability Week is coming to Toronto for the first time from August 9-14 and I am strongly looking at attending. The full and multiple-day tutorials overlap so it is hard to make a decision based on the topics alone. I would truly appreciate finding out about the quality of the lecturers, comprehensiveness of the take-home material, and overall usefulness for a UX practitioner's career growth.

I see there is a thread ( that discusses the value of the conference in general, but I'd like more nuts-and-bolts details as to the tutorials themselves.

Since Toronto is the last Usability Week of 2010 (San Francisco is in 2 weeks), and Edinburgh/Berlin/Vegas/Sydney/New York were within the past year, hopefully some of you have (or will have) these seminars fresh in your minds. Here are the specific tutorials I'm looking at (in no particular order):

* Interaction Design 1/2/3 - Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini
* User Testing - Celeste Buckhalter
* Visual Web Design 1/2 - Tammy Liran Guy
* Agile Development and Usability - Melissa Federoff
* Integrating Social Features on Mainstream Websites - Jen Cardello
* Brand as Experience - Kara McCain
* Websites that Sell - Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini
* Application Usability 1/2 - Kara Pernice (also taught previously by Garret Goldfield)
* Principles of Interface Design - Kathryn Whitenton (also taught previously with Raluca Budiu)
* Big, Famous Sites: Design Paterns - Celeste Buckhalter & Kathryn Whitenton (also taught previously with Marieke Obdeyn)

If you attended other NN/g UW tutorials, and/or gained from some lecturers other than those I listed above, feel free to comment on those too.

If I do attend the conference, I will provide feedback to this thread so 2011+ attendees can get my perspective.

Thank you for your help.


4 Jun 2010 - 3:04pm
John Walker

I took Interaction Design, which was a thorough journey thru planning and creating a website, plus Tog has lots of funny stories. I am a newbie, so I found it quite valuable--if you're more advanced, it might act more as a summary. I found most of the seminars I took to be very strong (Information Architecture, Fundamentals of Website Usability, iPhone apps Design), though even for me one (From Print to Web) was too basic and covered what I've spent the last six months learning--though it was a nice summation, I suppose. The scenarios N/N play out are pretty real-world, and the documentation they provide is quite nice as a memory jog, though they probably are only useful if you attended a seminar.

6 Jun 2010 - 10:15pm

A few years ago (2007) I attended the Application Usability 2 day workshop run by Chris Nodder. It was the first time they'd included it in their list of workshops, but I found it very valuable. There was an element of it being geared towards those who were lacking a background in Interaction Design, but I'd imagine it's been even more improved since the. I would recommend it. 

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