Brand strategy documents/Design handbooks do they contain behaviours and experiences?

14 Jun 2010 - 9:20am
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Simon Clatworthy


I have been working with a few companies now on designing services, and particularly assisting them with the transfer from brand strategy to service experience. All of the companies I know of, have reasonable but traditional brand strategy documents (text and ppt) and traditional design handbooks (text, images, logos, fonts). 

The thing that I notice is that most brand strategy documents and design handbooks are more suited to product organisations than to service organisations. Services are experiences, and services are behaviours (such as tone of voice, personnel behaviours, scripts) and services are interaction behaviours. NONE of the companies cover this in their strategic branding documents or in their design handbooks. 

This seems really strange to me, since it is a major part of service provision - how can a service company expect to have a strong brand if they don't ensure alignment between brand strategy and service experience. All of them are aware of the need, and input this to projects in a fragmented way, so its not totally missing, just not systemised or planned.

Is this normal?

Are there any examples of brand strategies and design handbooks that clearly define behaviours and experiences?

Are there interaction style-guides inside service companies (I dont mean software companies, but banks, insurance, travel, health etc)?

How are behaviours/experiences/interaction styles described - text, video, interactive, analogies, metaphors etc.

I would love to see or hear of best practice. Are we just waaay out of date here in Norway?





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