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15 Jun 2010 - 12:04am
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I agree with you. We do that too. Coloured wireframes with close to actual font size helps in visualising the page and its much easier to get client approvals :)


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As designer turned UX designer, I struggled with this for a while but in our 

studio it turned out that near pixel perfect wireframes are actually helpful. 

We scamp/sketch out initial concepts using black and grey marker pen, before 

moving to more detailed wireframes.  I always wireframe to a grid and try to 

get font sizes approximatly what they should be, and my wireframes are 

generally in colour *gasp*. Wireframing to a grid, ensures that we can tell 

from the start before visual design that a layout works and what we can 

approximatly fit in a given space, and the client gets minimal suprises. I 

use colour to highlight some important visual heirachy and functionality, as 

well as messaging, its usually not the final colours but it helps visually 

explain a wireframe without always needing to read my annotations (also very 

helpful for unstanding when it comes to presenting and explaining concepts to 

clients). While these things help make the design process easier, it also 

helps to push the designers beyond the temptation to just colour in the 

boxes, and makes them work harder to make sure their designs knock the socks 

of my pretty wireframes.


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