Re: [IxDA] where to use eye tracking?

18 Jun 2010 - 8:09am
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Arun Sharma Chi...

Eye Tracking is generally used in conjunction with other methods except think aloud to understand the visual processing behavior over a stimulus(image, advertisement, website, software etc.). Thorough observation there is a likelihood that you can bias the results the same goes with interviews and other methods of self reports. But, with eye tracking you get actual results of the viusal processing behavior of participants which can help in triangulating results as well as supporting the results from other methods using gaze plots or heat maps. You can also perform Area of Interest (AOI) analysis where in you define areas of interest on your interface and perform various established quantitative measurements such as time to first fixation, total fixation time, the number of saccdes (indicates the visual search behavior) etc.

Hope this helps !

Regards Arun Sharma Chintalapati

Training Intern Tobii Technology Inc Falls Church, VA

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