Re: [IxDA] Help determine minimum viewing distance to small LCD display

19 Jun 2010 - 1:02pm
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On 6/18/10 15:36, varunr123 wrote: > Hi I have a user using a small 10.4" LCD display with a resolution of > 1024x768 and has an aspect ratio of 16x10. Could you please help me find > out what the minimum viewing distance (distance between the center of > the screen and user's eye) is and what additional factors may be > involved (like screen brightness, contrast, etc.) and how these factor > into the equation. Thanks a lot for your help! >

I would dig through the literature for virtual reality going back into the early 90s. We routinely had serious eye strain problems when we put monitors very close to the human eye -- say for 3D goggles. I'm not a medical type so I might be saying it wrong, but the eye has trouble focusing and tracking at close range for extended periods of time.


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