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28 Jun 2010 - 8:04pm
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Jess Judge

What's the protocol for presenting portfolios for design managers who didn't have significant previous experience as an individual contributor?

I came to IxD via engineering and program management, taking over our product design group after having focused on the "words" end of IxD involving user stories, scenarios and other requirements analysis for several years (after many years in engineering roles). As such, I don't have a significant body of personal design product to show.

What level of showing the overall team production is considered normal and ethical? Also, any advice on what to do if significant portions of work still lie in unreleased product that's protected by NDA? Is there any standard of fair use that applies here?

Thanks for your input.



28 Jun 2010 - 9:52pm

I think it fair to say that you can show work which is not primarily your output as long as you show the deliverables you produced and how that work fed in to the design. Consent and attribution noted where appropriate.

The second part of your question is something many of us struggle with.  I'd think it acceptable if you described the work, in text, without giving any IP away but indicate that you are prepared to show/discuss that work at interview.  Depending on your relationship with the property owners it may be worthwhile checking with a friendly HR person for guidelines (never ask Legal anything (o;)

As an aside, assuming you presented the question in preparation for seeking employment I would say that your portfolio itself is an opportunity to demonstrate some of the skills detailed within. Personally, I like diagrams... 'pictures speak a thousand words' etc.  You can communicate a great deal of your interaction with a team, and impact on a product, with a simple flow diagram detailing the actors and deliverables for a given project without giving any critical details away.

All the best /pauric

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